Strategic Consultancy

Strategic Consultancy

A.PLUS Strategic Consulting

We provide unique and all-rounded total consulting solutions for training and development, starting from planning, implementation to continuous evaluation. We provide professional consulting services during the establishment of new companies, mergers, acquisitions, downsizing and firing, corporate culture building. We provide HR value-added advisory services, including wages, benefits and reward systems, internal communication, employee and management effectiveness and research.

Corporate Culture Consulting

We provide comprehensive Corporate Culture Consulting Services. Organizational culture is the collective behavior of humans that are part of an organization, it is also formed by the organization values, visions, norms, working language, systems, and symbols, it includes beliefs and habits.

Performance Management

We help our clients develop their workforce with our comprehensive talent management delivery model that provides an integrated approach to managing performance and delivering effective training.

Customer Service Audit

We support successful companies to become even more successful, by providing tools and training focused at delivering superior customer service.


A.PLUS Communication Effectiveness Knowledge Management | We deploy new information technology to build communication, information and knowledge management platform for our effective knowledge management for our clients. Our systems include effective human resource management system and other E-learning solution.