EPIC (Employees Electronic Profile Information Centre)

EPIC is a secure site, you can issue under no pressure environment, customize, view, print, manage, and store your Wiley evaluation.

From more customization to increasingly play made features to EPIC-based assessment, and its advantage is a paper assessment tools cannot be compared 

Enhance Productivity

Use EPIC saves valuable training time. the assessment is completed before the staff training course, so you can take full advantage of every minute in the classroom. In addition, EPIC participants behind the scenes to get the evaluation score, saving time and increasing accuracy.

Strengthening Access Management

As EPIC account manager, you have the control of access right of your EPIC account. Since its online mechanism, you can always log-in EPIC account - issued access codes, monitor the completion of the report, print the report in any corner of the world. Once someone has completed the evaluation, EPIC score immediately and generate individual reports. People can view a complete evaluation of their reports immediately, of course, you can also send them out before the end of the training course.

More concise reporting options

Exclusive EPIC follow up report to make the training effect stronger! You can store individual participants in the EPIC account report generation team report, you can easily increase or decrease the relevant personnel in the team changed.

At the same time, you can adjust Everything DiSC® report to make your training time coordinated. In order to meet your needs, chapters of the report can be rearranged or removed. You can even name your business, training programs and LOGO placed on Everything DiSC® report to make it more personalized

There are a large number of the EPIC team, mentors and comparison reports are available.

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