Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Our Corporate training a systematic approach to fit-for-purpose:

  1. Closely aligned with the business needs & priorities of the company
  2. Empower the participants to outperform their potential
  3. An integral part of the company’s sustainable development of its competencies

Leadership & Management

  • Impactful & Exemplary Leader powered by Work of Leader®

  • The Leadership Challenge® Programme

  • Effective People Manager powered by Management Profile

  • Strategic Meeting Facilitation

  • Be a Change Leader in VUCA Business Context

  • Culture Change Program


Excellence in the Workplace

  • Knowing You & Knowing Me by Everything DiSC®

  • Effective Interpersonal Skills & Communication

  • Persuasive Presentation

  • The Powerful of Resilience in A Time of Uncertainty

  • Effective Time Management

  • Effective Problem Solving with Critical & Creative Thinking

Sales & Services Management

  • High Impact Selling & Services

  • Story-Telling

  • Managing the Customer Experience


Professional:  Effective learning combines inspiring self-reflection and prospect through inside-out approach that gaining participants’ buy-in from mindset to behavior adapting


Practical:   Case Study, Role plays and skill drill that enhancing application in the workplace


Prime:  Combine attitude, skills and knowledge to enhancement in training interaction with fun