Licensed Programs & Facilitation Materials

Licensed Programs & Facilitation Materials

EVERYTHING DiSC® will have the following accessibility applications for each set of products:

EVERYTHING DiSC ® FACILITATION KIT is the scientific content and the depth of integration of Wiley lesson plans designed to help you:

  • One-stop access to the most detailed application of lesson plans;
  • Combined with the actual needs to add or reduce the content in your convenience;
  • lesson plans are accurate and precise-to- minute, it’s the most competent assistant!


Attached videos:

  • Vivid presentation of DiSC® model concepts;
  • Describe your colleagues: on behalf of four DiSC® style colleagues; to discuss what their preferences in workplace;
  • Interpersonal description: adjust the strategy to work with people of different DiSC® styles
  • There are many vivid one-stop videos!