Sales and Retailing Excellence

Sales and Retailing Excellence

A multi-faceted modular program.

You can freely select module(s) that align with your RETAIL context and training priorities

Pedagogical methods:  Presentations by experts, in-class learning, buddy pair-up learning and role-play, group discussions, self-awareness & reflection with specific cases from Brands as provided

Managing & Supervisory Skill

  • Great Management starts with Self-Awareness

  • 4-Dimensional People Management in Retail

  • Powerful Instant Feedback & Feedforward Skill on Sale Floor

Sales & Services Competencies

  • Art of Selling – Building Rapport for Excellent First Impression

  • Start Leading Stop Selling – Questioning & Advisory Skills by Identifying Customer Needs

  • Personalized Consulting Approach to Win your Client’s Heart – Product Presentation with Impact

  • Overview of Service Standard – Enhance the Customer Experience

  • Handling Complaints and Difficult Customers Effectively

Retail Business Sense

  • Introduction of Boutique Management Competency

  • Turn KPI’s Implication into Action

  • Problem Solving for Uplifting Sale Productivity

  • Retail Landscape


Professional:  Effective learning combines inspiring self-reflection and prospect through inside-out approach that gaining participants’ buy-in from mindset to behavior adapting

Practical:   Case Study, Role plays and skill drill that enhancing application in the workplace

Prime:  Combine attitude, skills and knowledge to enhancement in training interaction with fun