Professional, Practical and Effective, To Make A Smart Business Consultant By Combining with Everything DiSC and Stop Selling and Start Leading

By combining Everything DiSC and Stop Selling and Start Leading, A.PLUS has customized sales training for one of the Big Fours.

In the fierce competition of market, you hope that your sales person or business consultant can provide better experience when contacting with clients by improving sales process and building better experience. A.PLUS has provided two sessions of two-day training for one of the Big For, a well-known consulting company in Hong Kong and Shanghai. The training has combined Everything DiSC® and the most up-to-date model Stop Selling and Start Leading, to let the participants master sales skills.

1.     Client’s Need

As one of the most excellent consulting company, the client is famous for its professional and trustful quality for providing solutions, they have well cultivated their business consultants. As a professional management consulting company, A.PLUS has rich experience for training sales consultants. This time, we aim at upgrading the client experience, building better relations, building better branding and achieving the goal of business growing.

2.     A.PLUS Solution

As a highly tailored training service, we combined with the unique tool system of the client, designed the strategic selling training. The highlights are as followings:

1)     We combined Everything DiSC® tool and let every consultant to know their own behavior style, know others behavior style, do AAA(Aware-Accept-Adapt and SOS (Self-Others-Situation).

2)     By adopting the latest model Stop Selling and Start Leading, designing 5 steps and 11 key points to let everyone maintain sales systematically.

3)     By doing role-play, everyone learned what they have learned in to practice, deepened their understanding. They also adapted client’s styles.
3.     Feedback from Our Client
Quality training provided by A.PLUS has won recognition and praise from our client and participants. The participants have expressed that they can better understand themselves, clients and also use better skills to influence and move their clients.