How To Respond Productively in Conflict

People may encounter unavoidable conflict in life or work place. To some people, it is annoying to deal with the conflict, while others can transfer the conflict into opportunity. Thus we need to learn the right way to face with conflict, that is to change our response in conflict, in a more productive way.


People have two responses with conflict, destructive response and productive response. If you want to fight in the conflict, you choose destructive response, you will always fight in vicious circle. If you want to make your life happy and work great, you should choose productive response.


1.Destructive Response Leads to Vicious Circle

The mode of destructive response

The picture illustrates the conflict mode, when encountering the conflict, some people let automatic thoughts dominate their mind, they don’t rethink about the behavior, so they choose destructive response.


This kind of way to deal with conflict makes things worse. It will jeopardize the relationship of both side, deteriorate the situation. People cannot make progress in dealing with conflict.

2. Constructive Response

The mode of Constructive Response.

As we can see from the picture, we find that there are two steps after automatic thought in productive response:

First, step back

Then, reframe
Step back: It does not mean to avoid the conflict, it means to stop the automatic thought, to calm down in three seconds.

Reframe: Everyone in this process should ask themselves three questions:

1. Is this thought right? Is it real?

2. Am I overreacted?

3. Is there another way to view this conflict?


If we can think in this way and overcome the automatic thoughts according to specific situation, we will have productive response in conflict. All the research in psychology aims to make us happy, so try to adopt this way of conflict.
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APLUS 15th Anniversary Celebration Series Activities-Mastering Productive Conflict Powered by Everything DiSC

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