Coaching Leadership, Managers Exert Influence on Substitutes and Leading them for Success Firs

After executing 100 people coaching landing program for a leading company in mass spectrometry industry at the end of June, A.PLUS has also executed coaching leadership program at the end of August. The program has been designed Module 1 and Module 2, and the interval is for practicing. Module 1 lasted for two days at the end of Aust, which focused on exerting leadership of leaders, by real practice, enabling leaders to maintain core leadership methods. The program went successfully and it has brought positive influence and action will.

1. Client Need

The client is a leading company in mass spectrometry industry, it has already promote coaching culture globally, China region also follow the suit. In June, it has explored winning the trust, establishing confidence and unleashing potentials parts. Please refer to Permeating Coaching Culture, Stepping Towards the Goal of Business Growing. This program, the client selected high-potential employees for future leaders, expected that they can practice coaching leadership, coaching substitutes to achieve career goals and company goal.

2. A.PLUS Solution

We have invited our coaching partner, Taiwan renowned coach Wisdom Cheng to complete this program. We designed the program systematically. Reaching the following goals

  • Clearly targeting oneself
  • Exerting Influence
  • Landing Coaching Flow
  • Influencing Different Styles
  • Applying See-Do-Get Mode

Every part provided rich and detailed content for every participant to learn and practice. We also provided follow-up chart to supervise everyone to execute.

If you also want to know more about tailored coaching leadership solution, welcome to contact us.