Adopting MBTI, From Knowing Oneself to Team Synergy, Semi-Conductor Company Three-Day Training in Taiwan

A.PLUS has executed three-day training for a semi-conductor company in Taiwan for team synergy.
A.PLUS has conducted three-day MBTI® communication and team synergy training for a prominent semi-conductor company in Taiwan in September. The training adopted MBTI®, from knowing oneself, knowing others and team synergy, it get extraordinary result. The participant got to know each other, the training was beneficial to the team synergy.

1. Client Need

As a semi-conductor company, it is famous for solving the cutting-edge problem. It has attracted many elites, and it also focused on team synergy. Before this training program, it has already taken several MBTI team synergy training, and it has positive feedback. This time we continued to execute the training for the participants.

2. Highlights of the Program

This time, we used MBTI tool to lead everyone to know oneself, know others, do the team communication and synergy.

The specific meaning of MBTI

  • Energy
    • Extravert
    • Introvert
  • Percption
    • Sensing
    • iNtuition
  • Life Style
    • Judging
    • Perceiving
  • Judgment
    • Thinking
    • Feeling

This training, everyone knows one’s characters, the strengths and blind spots, so to know others and make adjustments of communication strategy for better communication effect.