3.0 Upgraded Version of Sales Training Session Help You Promote Sales Performance

Everything DiSC® Sales Chinese beta testing has been closed, which indicates that the formal Chinese version will be officially launched soon. As a professional management consulting company rendering solutions for organizational learning and development, A.PLUS also provides 3.0 upgraded version of advanced sales psychology powered by Everything DiSC® , aiming to help you better interact with your customers to promote sales performance.

The Evolution of Sales Training Session
1.0 Version- Top 10 Sales Techniques
2.0 Version- Varying From Person to Person- Speak Different Languages to Different people
3.0 Version- Self, Others, Situation

1. Self-Be Aware of the Traits, Strong Points and Blind Spots of Your own Behavioral Style
In the upgraded version of the sales training session, A.PLUS let trainees be aware of their behavioral style, the traits, advantages and disadvantages. As it is known to all that everyone is the hybrid of the four basic styles. The pros and cons of four styles for sales position are various. For a person who is aware of the traits, strengths and weaknesses, he/she can be proactive in sales process, namely, to up-size the positive effects and downsize the negative effects.

Take iPhone as an example, you will find that different people highlight the unique selling point totally different. (From genuine discussion during training)
D-Style sales will emphasize the convenience and high efficiency iPhone brings as a tool.
i-Style sales will show the appearance of iPhone to lead the trend and fashion, besides, the camera is fantastic for people to snap selfies
S-Style sales will engage the customers to try the sync function and they will display how iPhone works between family members.
C-Style sales will illustrate the charts and data processing and presentation function.

2. Others-Know the DiSC® Purchasing-Driven Style
It is undeniable that not only the sales are the dominant side during the dealing process, the buyers also play important role at the same time. Knowing the purchasing-driven style enables the sales to grasp the priority of the buyers and find the key points to achieve sales performance.

For example if a person go shopping to the supermarket, people with different behavioral styles will have diverse reasons when make decisions for purchasing
D-Style person will set specific goals for buying products, once ending up the shopping they will leave the supermarket.
i-Style person will ask their fellows to go shopping together.
S-Style person will think about their friends and family members’ need while shopping
C-Style person will make shopping list before going to the supermarket and focusing on the quality and specification of the products

3. Situation- Improve the Interaction with Customers-the Highlight of 3.0 Version Sales Training Session


During the dealing process, it is crucial to interact with the customers, including to communicate and interact with customers, improve the relation with the customers,  deal with the disagreement of customers, facilitate dealing, initiate in-depth purchasing etc. As a salesperson, by leveraging the interaction map between sales and customers, salesperson can better satisfy the priority, expectation and demands of customers to achieve sales performance more highly efficiently.

As a salesperson, improving the interaction with SOS model between customers lays the foundation for the final deal. You can be flexible when facing with the ordinary customers or people in charge of procurement, also for the first contact or the decision-maker.