The Secret to Become a Sales Professional: PDCA for Smart Selling & Sustainable Clients Relationship Building powered by Everything DiSC®

Do you intend to make your sales team meet customers’ needs and provide professional solutions to your clients and accomplish performance?

A.PLUS has executed two-day sales training for the sales employees of a subsidiary of a world-renowned motor group to ensure the achievement of this vision. In the two-day training, sales people took the training of sales process of PDCA circle powered by Everything DiSC®. They have learned how to evaluate behavior styles of clients and prepare suitable solutions to customers in order to achieve performance.

1. Clients’ Need

The client is a powerful motor company dedicated to providing professional solutions for customers. The sales people of the company has already maintained professional business information and solutions. Based on this situation, they aimed at achieving result-oriented performance. They chose A.PLUS to enhance sales soft skills and professional sales skills.

2. Solutions Provided by A.PLUS

According to clients’need, A.PLUS has tailored PDCA for Smart Selling & Sustainable Clients Relationship Building powered by Everything DiSC®.

As sales deals with different types of people, so we delivered complete Everything DiSC® psychological behavior knowledge for them to gain perceptions of different people. Before the training, trainees have already completed Everything DiSC® Sales Profile. By the facilitation of Lawson, A.PLUS executive consulting director, to know the priority and traits of D, i,S,C styles clients. Then, Lawson adopted interaction map of Everything DiSC® Sales Profiles, the trainees learned how to judge the behavior styles of clients. They also learned and practiced SOS model, namely know oneself, know clients and adapt one’s own behavior styles according to sale situation.

After knowing people, we also delivered complete sales process. This process is divided by six steps and ten key points. We also combined PDCA model into this process.

According to the flow chart, sales people can prepare answers of all the questions one by one and deal all the problems asked by clients confidently.

3. The Application Case by Trainees

The trainees also learned how to sort out their unique selling point based on Everything DiSC®.

The trainees have learned how to get to know clients, the professional and complete sales process integrated with PDCA circle. They reaped the promotion of both knowledge and skills.