The Secret of Winning in Managers of Service Industry-Customized Training Keeps Leading Status

As the managers in service industry, the success does not only depend on manage the relationship with customers, it also relies on the management of superiors and subordinates. In this era full of fierce competition, how to ensure the success of managers to benefit enterprises? Please see A.PLUS customized service management training for a high-end retail store.

Three sessions of service management has been completed by trainees from a high-end retail store in Beijing.


Highlights of the Program


1. Everything DiSC-Knowing Me, Knowing Others


Both for customers or for employees, Everything DiSC® is a psychological tool for understanding self and others. The manager can have a comprehensive and objective understanding of oneself, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of themselves. Then they can understand others’, be aware of the difference between self and others. Finally, they can adapt behavioral styles according to situation. According to different people, managers communicate adopting various strategies to achieve highly effective communication.

Everything DiSC psychological tool for knowing self and others.


2. Coach Subordinates-Motivation and Development


For managers, to coach employees is essential and crucial. In service industry, coaching of service does not happen at a certain moment, it is in the entire management period. Thus, the managers should master highly effective module. This time, the coaching has both the task-oriented practice and practice based on behavioral style.


Coaching subordinates any time to provide excellent service,

3. Mysterious Visit-Complement Self

In this training, we let the trainees to visit the shopping malls in adjacent areas for 1 hour as mysterious clients. For comparison, they take down the shortcomings and avoid similar mistakes, make full use of strengths, elevate and complete the quality of service.


Visit adjacent stores and compare the strengths to avoid similar mistakes.

Feedback From Trainees


From the two-day training, what the teacher showed is what we need in work. It is quite beneficial! The arrangement and content of the training is well-targeted! Bravo!

In two-day training, I learned a lot, especially for customers’ needs and listening to suggestions.

The teachers’ illustration is clear, the facilitation is great, which helps me to understand quite better, I hope to take the training again very soon.