Growth 300 Minutes Series Press The Farthest Distance in the World: You Don’t Trust Me

Working as HR or team leader, you might encounter following problems:
The team is “harmonious”, but team members don’t express disagreement with each other even when they don’t agree with the action.
The lack of trust among team members, don't express real thoughts
The team members don’t express suggestions or questions in the meetings, they can’t align to the decisions after the meetings and cannot commit to executing.
The lack of conflict among team members, can't commit to the decisions.
The team doesn’t support with each other, instead they hold each other back.
The lack of trust among team members. not support each other.
To attribute all the reasons is the lack of trust.

To cure all the dysfunctions above, Fei Zou, A.PLUS Consulting Director has shared the solution “Aid to the Growth of Team by Adopting The Five Behaviors’ of A Cohesive Team” at APLUS 15th Anniversary Growth 300 Minutes on Sep 15.

Fei Zou shared the practice of the Five Behaviors of A Cohesive Team at Growth 300.


Individual Leadership Should Be Developed, Collective Leadership Should also Be Fostered.

The construction of team is like pyramid, trust is the foundation and the ultimate destination is collective result.

The construction trait of the Five Behaviors of A Cohesive Team.

Fei Zou pointed out that” Lack of trust will lead to fear of conflict, without conflict the team cannot achieve commitment, lack of commitment will result in absence of accountability, which will finally bring about the failure to achieve result. ”

When finding the problems, you cannot let go of it, you should prevent the team from further dysfunctions. Then, what can we do to solve the problems?

Start From team consultation:

The Report of the Five Behaviors of A Cohesive Team.

As the picture indicated, the rank indicates the performance of the behavior of team members. The lower the mark, the worse the team behavior.

If we don’t have enough time, what is the priority? The answer is “trust”. Therefore we need to analyze this key behavior.

The most important behavior of the Five

As is known to all, team is composed of different kind of people. Everyone has various understanding towards trust. What is trust in different people’s mind from DiSC®  perspective?

Trust from Everything DiSC perspective

Fei Zou also shared the most recent team case.

The boss is D style. She focuses on result and restrict to others so that subordinates don’t dare to express that they cannot complete the assignment.
In the facilitation of program, all the team members were building trust, the boss opened hear heart that she was not so knowledgeable, and she needed supports from team members. From that moment, she started to build trust based on vulnerability. From that on, the program was successful and the team were more cohesive.
After trust, the team had productive conflict. They embarked on planning for the future. The team settled on the future direction of business.

From the case , growth of team has three key steps:

Growth of Team three steps

The summary is from the powerful solution: The Five Behaviors of A Cohesive TeamTM

Solution:the Five Behaviors of A Cohesive Team

After reading all the material, you may wonder is there any team that really exists? Yes, A.PLUS is one of them.

The Secret of A.PLUS Team Growth



How does A.PLUS achieve team growth? Sedative of Conflict-Unique Washroom Culture

The Photo Below is A.PLUS Beijing Office

APLUS office
We are a team with trust,
We usually debate with each other with certain event,
Which will contributes to strong conflict.
At that moment. all the members would say:” Let’s go to the washroom!”
On the way to the washroom,
We calm down ourselves, say sorry to each other, gain inspiration,
We continue the discussion after the way back

This is our unique Washroom Culture, which causes trust based on vulnerability among colleagues and impose productive conflict to continuous growth of team.

Maybe you also want to find ways that fits your team to grow, the Five Behaviors of A Cohesive Team can help you to find unique rules of the team.