For Strategic Meetings, Team Leadership Building Powered by The Five Behaviors of A Cohesive Team™

Regarding team meetings, can the meeting output solutions? Can everyone execute the decisions afterwards? These are the metrics that need to be considered in top leadership team. A.PLUS has executed workshop powered by The Five Behavior of A Cohesive Team™ for a leading e-commerce company China top leadership.

1. Client Need

The client will have strategic meeting. To let every top management team member express their own thoughts and execute wholeheartedly, they decide to build team synergy before. They decide to make the team more cohesive by adopting the Five Behaviors of A Cohesive Team™.

2. A.PLUS Solution

After acquiring the need from our client, our consultants had in-depth talk and investigation. The whole top team members accomplished original English version the Five Behaviors of A Cohesive Team™ Reports. We analyzed the team culture and helped each other to know more about others.

We improved the cohesion of the team in several aspects:

  • Enabling everyone to know Everything DiSC® behavioral style, know the strengths and blind spots, increase understanding and build trust.
  • Enabling everyone to know their preferences towards conflict, adjust one’s own behavior and make constructive conflict response.
  • Enabling everyone to know their behavior in trust, conflict, commitment, accountability and results, reach alignment in following aspects.

After the workshop, everyone has clear recognition of individuals and team. They also understand each other better.

3. Feedback from Client

Very experienced trainer and picked up small details on our conversation which illustrate our styles and properly shared to the group so that we can understand each other better for building trust.