Effective Communication Regardless of Expertise and Age

Effective communication is often a critical issue for many enterprises. Whether it is a large project of a thousand people or a small team, it would be a vital reason to lead success or failure. We all know that communication is one of the most important parts in the work environment, but what to do next? And when shall we do more efficiently? Is it the same for everyone?

Some human resources or training colleagues often mentioned that no matter the experienced technical supervisory colleagues or the expertise younger generation expertise also inclined to master a scientific tool which helps understand how to communicate more effectively.  There’s a freight logistic company based in Hong Kong has invited A.PLUS held one day in-house training entitled ADPATIVE COMMUNICATION and are assisted by the EVERYTHING DiSC WORKPLACE® assessment tool to enhance the communication and relationship between colleagues and their personal relationships for the supervisors from different departments

Course objectives:

√Understanding of Everything DiSC® to be more aware of adjusting communication strategies & behavior; having a common language with sensory acuity to produce satisfaction & effective result with behaviorally flexible
√ Enhance the communication skills to become excellent influencers for getting results without direct authority