At One’s Wit’s End After Being Promoted as a Manager, Try the Following Methods

Employees have been promoted as managers after years of work. They should have been happy, however in reality, they found that it was not that easy to be managers. Challenges pile up and they couldn’t find appropriate methods to improve, their turmoil and confusions are amounting.

Many managers can encounter the difficulties. Managers from a video programming company are not excluded. They consulted A.PLUS, expected to conduct training to make the managers find solution for improving future management work.

1. Client’s Need

Xingchi Media as a leading post-production company for large variety show, has now begin to take shape. It has already produced widely acclaimed programs, including Two Days and A Night, Dad is Coming Back, Where’s Dada Going, Running Man,Bro. Some of the shows are excellent.

The success can be attributed to the paying off from the employees. To produce quality shows, they often stay up late to work. Under such pressure, they don’t quit, instead they are passionate of the career. In such situation faced with high intensity and pressure, managers encounter many challenges:

Traits of Mangers:
After becoming a manager, they feel out of control in the time and energy for managing subordinates.
Managers should promote their own occupational qualification.
The mindset of managers should be shifted from individual attributors to managers.

Qualification that Managers Should Promote:
Leading subordinates to achieve goals.
As an instructor to help with individual occupational qualification of subordinates
Middle-level managers to bridge the gap between high-level managers and front-line employees.

2. A.PLUS Solution

After in-depth investigation, we delivered one-day training. From 4 aspects, to achieve the goal of building awareness of a manger as well as promoting occupational qualification to lay the foundation for management skills.

1) Adjust Mindset

Be proactive in dealing with what happened and which situation you are in.

2) Self-Recognition

By adopting Everything DiSC® Workplace profile, every participant have gained complete self-recognition under the facilitation of Everything DiSC® Master Trainer, they know their strengths and blind spots.

3) Goal-Driven

In this part, we let the participants to be result-driven, by adopting SMART principles, participants can plan for daily goals.

4) Utilize Time

We have evaluated the time management in this section, to maintain the right time management principles, understand first things first and do the important but not urgent stuff.

3. Feedback from Our Client

The following are some of the feedback from the participants, for reference:

“I have known the behavior style of some managers, which is beneficial for the future collaboration and team synergy. “
“I have gained in-depth knowledge of time management.”
“I have accurate positioning, comprehensively know myself.”

If you are interested in our tailored training, welcome to contact us, our professional consultant will provide you with suitable solutions.