The Five Behaviors of A Cohesive Team™, The Fast Way for New Team Synergy

At the beginning of a new formed team, if everyone can be synergized cohesively, they can work efficiently to reach the goals and results. Effective synergy doesn’t mean being together, they should also be sincere with each other and hold one another accountable for results. A.PLUS has executed two-day the Five Behaviors of A Cohesive Team™ workshop to facilitate team synergy.

1.     Client’s Needs

The client aims at building the high quality products so they hired the qualified and senior talents to become the team. The company is expanding its business right now. They have the following needs:

l  They hoped to conduct a workshop for product R&D leadership team, 14 people in total. Three purposes:

n  Knowing self and team

n  Building trust and behavior codes for the team

n  Synergize goals and strategies

l  The team members are quite senior in the field. They have different backgrounds, personalities, experience. Their previous employers have various corporate culture. The team leaders just joint the team few months earlier, they scattered all over the world (Different cities in China, the United States, Japan and etc.), they don’t know about each other.
2.     A.PLUS Solution

By knowing the needs of the client, we have tailored the training, including:

l  Completing the Five Behaviors of A Cohesive Team™ report. Knowing one’s own behavior traits and the behavior performance in trust, conflict, commitment, accountability and result.

l  The two-day workshop of the Five Behaviors of A Cohesive Team™

n  Knowing one’s own behavior traits, building vulnerability-trust

n  By facilitating and discussing, everyone drawn conclusion of common rules to follow

n  Based on trust and following the rules, discussing about the goals and strategies.

l  Value-added after-training services after 3 months

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