The 81st DiSC International Consultant Certification in Macau Has Been Rounded Off

A.PLUS has completed the 81st DiSC® International Consultant Certification. On Oct 27-28, at the class, everybody studied together and made progress, finally all consultants graduated and were certified successfully.


1, The Number of D, iS and C Style Were Almost Equal, Joyful Course


In this session of DiSC® International Consultant Certification course, we had 3 consultants with D styles, 4 consultants with i Styles, 3 consultants with S styles and 2 consultants with C styles, 12 consultants in total. Due to the average scattering, everyone can more deeply understanding what the strength it brings as the average number of people with different DiSC® style. That is everyone have contribution and value to the team. The balance of the team can make the whole pace of action and decision-making not so fast or so slow, it is a moderate pace in this team.


2. Rich Experiencing Activities, Deeper Understanding


In this ICC course, everyone engaged with Master Trainers actively, they also facilitated and taught with the profile. Role playing with Everything DiSC® based on real work situation. All have given them preparation for work. Everyone learned proactively and carefully, they were happy and took photo with Master Trainers.