“Together Elites Achieving More Leadership Training Workshop” for Management Trainee

A. PLUS held a 1-day teambuilding workshop for one of the largest financial market operators in the world, which was a finale workshop of Company’s Management Trainees (MTs) Program 2016 on 30th SEP 16. Throughout the day, the 18 MTs encountered management and intelligent challenges to enhance the problem solving skill, demonstrate high commitment and deepen their own understand of strengths & blind-spot and tighten their bonding. Ultimately, to let them get more prepared as an effective team player and future leader.

 A. PLUS uses our professional consulting managing and innovative experiential learning approach (Attitude-Skill-Knowledge-Habit (ASKH),  to make the tailored-made content.  It covers the 5 key concepts to form an effective and result-driven team.  The theoretical support is originally from one of the New York Time Best-selling Book ; called “It’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team”.

The feedback of participants was well-received, many of them found that it’s practical and insightful. The diversified exercises & challenges which brought-out several core values through in-depth self-reflection and debriefing.  The 4 key take-away were:

  • Understand how to work with others through challenges associated behaviours
  • Explore strategies to enhance teamwork synergy with leadership concept
  • Engage-in the effective communication with teammates to make alignment and raise productivity with bonding
  • LEADERSHIP; experience how to together achieves more by building TRUST, mastering CONFLICT, achieving COMMITMENT, embracing ACCOUNTABLITY, and focus-on RESULT