Senior HR Professionals from Best-Known Enterprises in HK Accomplished DiSC® Certification in the 80 Session of ICC

APLUS have completed the 80th Session of DiSC International Certification. We have made a new milestone.
A.PLUS as the highest diamond award winner of Wiley’s two brands Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviors of A Cohesive Team, is focusing on providing quality assessments, certification and training service based on Everything DiSC® products. We have completed the 80th Session on September 6th and 7th. We have nearly 20 HR to become DiSC® International Certified Consultant. They all highly engaged in the certification course, maintained the knowledge and practical skills. By deepened their understanding of Everything DiSC®, they have well-prepared for the application of organizational development.

1. Relating to the Real World, Deepened Understanding of Everything DiSC®

In this course, everyone was active. Consultants from the same DiSC® style, respective D, i, S and C gathered together for discussion, summarized the representative figure. By providing detailed traits to convince Master Trainers.

2. Facilitation the Profiles and Put Psychological Behavioral Tool for Using

Teaching is one of the key factors for learning. They all facilitated Everything DiSC® reports. By practicing and gaining feedback from Master Trainers, they increased their application capability.

3, 80th Session, A New Milestone

Since 2014, A.PLUS has held DiSC® International Certification, up to now, we have accomplished 80 sessions and has accredited more than 800 consultants for DiSC® certified consultants. In the years of certification, we made on-going improvements which won the recognition and favor of professionals. If you want to be more professional, welcome to become one of the DiSC® International Certified Consultants.