Reverse Mentoring: An essential lesson to millennium management




Millennials are with great power yet a big challenge to leaders. To understand their mindsets is a key to unleash their great potentials. “Reverse mentoring” acknowledges that the more senior person is the one who is looking for a fresh outlook and mindset. Many industry leaders such as Cisco, GE and Fidelity have adopted this practical approach, obviously benefits for both mentor and mentee.


Client needs

It is glad to see one of the Hong Kong biggest corporate continuously understand

 the value, and recognize the need, for prioritizing initiatives that focus on human capital as long term business success strategy. A.PLUS Expert team is pleasure to be appointed to co-facilitate the 2nd year roll out of the program.


The objective of this program is to re-activate and maintain an attitude of openness to learn from each other’s and appreciate the uniqueness of each individual. Second, to create a mutual memorable moment and strengthen the positive energy. Last, to embrace the mentoring spirit for continuous success.


Step one: Sustain the truth of mentoring

Step two: Aware the uniqueness of your mentee/ mentor powered Everything DiSC®

Step three: Appreciate your mat

ching partner by sending unique personalized handmade gift

Step four: Memorable moment

Course Highlight

The mentor and mentee have been given a Everything DiSC Comparison Report which is tailor-made and help facilitate a stronger and more effective communication. The report reminds them of their results and provides specific information about how each compares to the other. This comparison is presented both through visuals and through narrative explanations. Consequently, they can seek common ground while reserving difference.


The report is able to show the comparison including these pairs:

n   Daring vs. Careful

n   Soft -spoken vs. Forceful

n   Calm vs. Energetic

n   Tactful vs. Frank

n   Skeptical vs. Accepting

n   Accommodating vs. Strong-willed

n   Patient vs. Driven

n   Private vs. Outgoing

n   Lively vs. Reserved

Click here to read the sample comparison report




Learning outcome

n   Millennials feel valued for their contributions, gain unparalleled access to networking with senior leaders

n   Instigate powerful results for the core organization

n   Facilitate organization achieving strategic goals

n   Increase millennial retention

n   Foster inclusivity



Reverse mentoring is about a common attitude: coordinating shared learning between colleagues of diverse backgrounds to embrace symbiotic corporate learning. Leaders should not underestimate the influence of millennials who can provide valuable insight and encourage others to take action to break down barriers and promote inclusivity. Instead, it’s a win-win approach to understand each other’s viewpoint in order to enjoy an effective communication.