Play After Work V.S. Play First, Which Type of Leaders Are More Welcome?

Lao Zi said people who know others are intelligent, people who know self are wise. People who battle with others are powerful, people who battle with self are strong. If you don’t know yourself, how you can understand your team and become a qualified leader?

To become an excellent leader instead of boss, you need to know yourself. On Oct 14th, a personality self-assessment course have brought valuable experience for participants.

The course was assessed by senior expert Mr. Lawson Chu for MBTI personality type assessment.

Mr. Chu first introduced what is MBTI. The full name for MBTI is Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which is a choice, self-report personality assessment theory model for measure and describe people in terms of acquiring info, decision-making, lifestyle choosing including law of mental activities and personality type.

MBTI has divided personality for 4 dimensions, 2 contrary preferences in every dimension, 16 types in total, that is, for example ISTJ, represents Introvert-Sensing-Thinking-Judging, ENFP represents Extravert- iNtuition-Feeling- Perceiving.

Do You Know Your Leader Style?

What is my type? Mr. Chu invited everyone to finish the professional test to know the traits of one’s personality.

The question is not easy.

Next, Mr. Chu invited everyone to be on the stage to write one’s own personality type.

The exciting game interaction began, participant in different group performed their personality.

Every question is interesting, for example: If you have been asked to complete an important task, would you begin to finish as soon as possible or play and work later?

Judging (J) group expressed heavily they would definitely work and play later, to crash the big stone, and relax totally. Perceiving (P) group expressed proudly carpe diem as plan could never meet change, the leader will change, at the time, we don’t have time to play.

Obviously, J type people prefer well-organized life and like to settle down all the stuff, while P type people tend to naturally happen and plastic life, remain opening for every opinion.

The participants played so vividly and the audiences were laughing all the way.

What do you see from the picture?

Someone says one river, some says three rivers, someone says graffiti, beautiful girls, mountains and rivers, splendid world and someone says nothing. This is the different mindset for different understanding, which leads to different leadership style.

So in different teams, synergize and adapt to different styles of leaders and employees, to make colleagues with diverse or even opposite work towards one direction can the enterprise thriving in the long term run.

According to our statistics, there are 18 I, 22 E, 22 S, 18 N, 15 F, 25 T, 25 J, and 15 P. As the highest amount of people, we are a down-to-earth, good at technology and business ESTJ team-friendly and directly, vigorous and methodic, practical and decisive, we can make feasible decisions promptly, we are innate leaders.


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