Julie Straw, Vice President of Workplace Learning Solutions at Wiley came to China to attend A.PLUS Everything DiSC® Certified Consultants’ VVVIP party

In the evening of 13th December, A.PLUS held Everything DiSC® Certified Consultants’ VVVIP party.

We are honored to invite Ms Julie Straw——the Vice President of Wiley Workplace Learning Solutions and the co-author of The Work of Leaders: How Vision, Alignment, and Execution Will Change the Way You Lead, published in 2013——to our party, and share the insights of leadership development.

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Julie also gave the book of The Work of Leaders: How Vision, Alignment and Execution Will Change the Way You Lead with four authors’ signature to everyone as gifts.


Besides Julie’s sharing, our certified consultant shared their experience of applying Everything DiSC® as well.


Ms. Wan, Head of Learning Development Center, Greater China, Sandvik


Ms. Ren, Professional Education Director, Johnson & Johnson


Ms. Yin, Vice President-Human Resources, Schneider Electric
We have created a warm atmosphere, and provided a platform for professional communication.

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We have prepared a gift with traditional Chinese elements and DiSC® elements. And the Consulting and Managing Director of A.PLUS, Mr. Lawson Chu, presented the gift to Julie.


We also prepared a special gift to every participant of the party.


Looking forward to your participation next time!