How to Boost Training Essential Presentation Skills in within 3 Days

A.PLUS has excuted TTT-SOP master training workshop for a well-known real-estate enterprise. The trainees have availed presentation skills for the on-going daily work as SOP(Standard Operating Procedure) master to deliver SOP to new employees. A.PLUS has conducted the first period of outlining and designing of the course. This time in May, it emphasized on presentation and delivery skills.

A. Customized TTT (Train the Trainer) Program-the Demand for Training Skills is Rising
In the everyday run of the cooperation, with the development of business, some of the sectors will hire more people. After being trained by HR, the new employees will be guided by the line manager. Some of the line managers are equipped with rich experience of work, but in terms of training to others, they may lack systematical learning. Thus A.PLUS executed this training.

B. Highlights of the Program

During this period of the training, A.PLUS has introduced course demonstration skills such as presentation, facilitation, interaction etc. The trainees were able to exercise the skills and get feedbacks from the trainer.

1. Pre-Requisition for Being a Well-Trained Trainer
At the very beginning, the trainer of A.PLUS inspired trainees by playing a video to let the trainees to ponder what makes a good trainer. Then the trainer conclude some qualifications for being a nice trainer based on the difference with teacher and the characteristics of adult-learning.

2. Preparation for Training
This period we introduced the preparation for training from tools and materials. audience, self-preparation perspectives to guide the trainees. After learning, the trainees applied in self introduction practice.

3.Opening for the Training
Opening for the training plays a fundamental role in effectiveness. The trainees learned the skills and put in use with one or more ways for opening.

4.Presentation of Content for Training
For trainers, they cannot only be well-prepared for the content, they also need to display it in a graceful way to the audiences. The trainees of this session can do both by learning and practicing.

5.Closing for the Training
If the trainer could only say many thanks to the audiences, it would be little simple to the whole training. A. PLUS let the trainers make a more deeper thinking of the training, that is to be more thought-provoking and call-to-action.

C Feedback from Trainees

From the training, I have acquired so many scientific and practical knowledge and skill. The whole structure of the course is easy to be understood.
I’ve got a whole picture of the course, the trainer presented in-depth knowledge, so professional!
The session was great, the awesome vibe of the onsite training, the abundant expression of the trainer, the body language, it was inflectable, I wish to participate again.

From the feedback of the trainees, we can see that A.PLUS prepared for the training session wholeheartedly. The brilliant training make the trainees want to resit the session!

If you are interested in customized training sessions provided by A.PLUS, please contact us, our business consultant will render you professional suggestions, excellent service and on-going follow-up.