Highly Effective Manager Training Camp Great Navigation Module One Has Completed Successfully

One of the best-known game companies will take 5-day training sessions this year after completing Everything DiSC® assessment-based training. At the end of June, managers from various departments and levels have taken Module 1: The Road to Highly Effective Person from the series of Highly Effective Manager Training Camp Great Navigation. The trainees were highly engaged in the training, they also applied what they have learned after the training. Stay tuned for more of the training.

1.	The fist stage of Highly Effective Manager Training Camp Great Navigation has been rounded off successfully.

Highlights of The Training

1. To Improve the Result, One Should Have the Right Mindset and Behavior
During the training, Fei Zou inspired the trainees to have the right mindset by destructing the tree. To all of us, results are like the leaves of a tree and mindset is like the root of the tree. For changing the results by behavior, we need to change our mindset first. This was the foundation of this training.

2.	The trainees was listing all the challenges and difficulties.

2. Be Proactive, Have Vision, First Things First
Some of the trainees were facing with the situation that the heavy workload made them feel they could not balance life and work. This had reflect that the different mindsets and solutions towards challenges, stress and difficulties. If someone is proactive, make plans and stick to first things first, he/she is able to make progress, achieve better results and balance life and work well.

3.	The trainees were drawing their visions.

3. From Self to Others, Benefit Each Other, Seek the Best Solution
Everyone is working with others in a team in workplace. When we have improved ourselves, we need to know more about others. We should seek the win-win results for both sides when facing with conflicts and challenges. The game has shown the situation that even one of the team member got the highest score, the team finally lost the game.

4.	The trainees were participating in the game, accumulating personal scores and team scores.

4. Keeping Informed and Updated, Both the Mind and Body Are in Good Shape
The management for both mind and body is important in this information exploded era. People can apply other practices well by keeping informed and updated.

5.	The top level manager’s vision.

Feedback from the Trainees

The session was fantastic entirely!
The training has met my expectation!
I am anticipating for the next session!