Have No Idea in Terms of Management? Play Stimulant Board Game to Grip

Nowadays, many young employees have been promoted to managers. What kind of challenges and difficulties will they encounter? It would be better if they can grip the gist from stimulant board game. A.PLUS has executed a half-day board game training for a prime internet social company in Beijing in the middle of November. Under the guidance of Fei Zou, A.PLUS consulting director, trainees reflected from the board game and grip the gist of management.

1. Clients’Need

The client has already taken Four-Dimensional Management Powered by Everything DiSC® before. This time they choose A.PLUS to let new managers experience the real management, challenges, difficulties that they would encounter in real work, and review after game to enhance their management skills.

2. A.PLUS Solutions

A.PLUS has customized board game solution after knowing client’s need and prepared sufficiently. The trainees have been divided into groups, equipped with goods and money. They were required to travel in desert, acquire gold and exchanged to money, who have the most money win the game. The trainees highly engaged in the game.

The trainees recognized four major contents in this game: planning, organizing, leading and controlling. They also did action plan for adjusting and reflecting, applied what they have learned in the game.

3.Feedback from Trainees

“It is vital that every member in the team knows one’s own roles and responsibility. What’s more it would be easy to execute and make a great team as everybody has the same goal,.”

“The leader should enhance one’s own understanding of the roles and the key points of job.”

“I gained fundamentals of management.”