Growth 300 Minutes Series Press How to Manage 95s from Campus Recruitment Practical Knowledge: 100-Day Highly Effective Coaching Leadership Practice Plan

Working as a HR, you might encounter talent competing in this season.
To find the best talents, you work so hard, such as preparing materials for recruitment, videos, campus ambassador, posters. Also, you hold lectures for hiring, written tests, interviews and so on. After executing the whole campus recruitment program, you watch the talent sign the contract and work, you smile at last. After the probational period, you think you could rest, you receive the letter of resignation from the new co-worker, the person go to a new position…

As the saying goes, the employee does not leave the company, but the boss.

So how should we cultivate excellent leaders to benefit the enterprises? Please refer to 100-Day Highly Effective Coaching Leadership Practice Plan from renowned coach Wisdom at Growth 300 Minutes Learning and Development Seminar on September 15th-Make the leader grow first and let the leader to make subordinates grow.

Practical Knowledge

Ensure the Attitude Towards Leadership Development

First, we should ensure the attitude towards leadership development

1. Slow-To Cultivate Leaders, Slow is the Right Attitude

1.	Slow and Fast, Cultivating Leaders’ Attitude

2. Pull VS. Push-Two Way of Leadership

2.	Pull and Push, Two way of leading

3. Say to Stay-The Path is Long

3.	Say to Stay, Behaviors of Leading

Assist Subordinates to Grow 

Leaders should become the coaches of subordinates, leaders don’t do things all by themselves. Instead, they assist subordinates to grow. In 100-Day Highly Effective Coaching Leadership Practice Plan, it shows a state-of-the-art coaching leadership practice.

100-Day Highly Effective Coaching Leadership Practice Plan

From the above three steps, managers can be highly-effective leaders. What’s more, the plan also adopts Everything DiSC Assessment, which enables leaders to aware self and others’ behaviors traits, and adapt according to situations.

AAA Study Model

AAA Learning Model
Aware- Aware self and others’ behavior styles traits (strengths and blind spots)
Accept-Accept self behavior style traits
Adapt-Adapt according to situation

All the practical knowledge is from Wisdom’s speech 100-Day Highly Effective Coaching Leadership Practice Plan. How is the effect of this practice?

5.	Effects and Feedbacks of Training

From the picture, after the workshop and practice of 100-Day Highly Effective Coaching Leadership, all the subordinates can feel the change of their leaders and become influenced.

From this plan, you have gained new inspiration of cultivating managers. If you want to organize this kind of training, welcome to contact A.PLUS professional consultant.