Everything DiSC Positive Empowerment Communication, Motivate Subordinates, Achieve Organization Upgrade Goal

Now, suppose that you are a leader and you will have a conversation with your subordinates about their titles, how you will feel:

  • How should I start this conversation?
  • What if the subordinates have objections towards the results?

In fact, we could think from another point, this is a process for empowerment. If we avail this opportunity, we can make the subordinates:

  • Know one’s own titles for better career development
  • Be more motivated and empowered

Such challenging scenario is from the real case from A.PLUS. In Mid August, A.PLUS has executed one-day positive empowerment communication program powered by Everything DiSC® for an enterprise which is faced with the upgrade of organization. The program enabled VPs from different departments to learn Everything DiSC® for communication and the standards for inside titles. The participants also practiced in the training. The program executed successfully and made the VPs prepared well.

1. Background of the Program

The client is a large-scale mobile internet enterprise, focusing on R&d of intelligent hardware and electronic products. From its startup, it applies flat management in the organization. Now as it is upgrading, the client needs to make every employee have title clearly. The client invited A.PLUS to design and deliver positive empowerment program to achieve the organizational goal.

2. A.PLUS Solution

According to client’s need, A.PLUS has tailored the program. This program was conducted by the Executive Consulting & Management Director Lawson Chu and Consulting Director Fei Zou. As the key of this program is people, so it’s much easier to know people. We adopted Everything DiSC® to know people. Our solution is as follows:

  • Introduce the goal and status quo of the program
  • All the participants have completed Everything DiSC® Workplace assessment, we have facilitated the reports to every participant according to their reports to let them know one’s own and others’ behavior traits, enhancing the effectiveness of communication to boost work efficiency
  • By participating in the role play game, participants practiced talk.



The participants have learned the strategies and weakened their concerns, boosted their confidence.

After the program, one of the VPs have executed positive empowerment communication and gained positive feedback.

3. Client’s Feedback

“The training is not only beneficial to workplace relations, it is also helpful for family relations and couples. ”
“Once I have participated the training facilitated by Fei Zou, and I gained new perceptions this time. Although the styles between Lawson and Fei Zou are different, it is quite helpful.”

To large-scale Internet enterprise, enhancing communication efficiency is the key for collaboration. Everything DiSC® assessment tool can help employees to know the behavior style systematically, and adjust communication or negotiation skills. If you want to know more, welcome to contact us.