Everything DiSC ICC, Learning by Applying, Successfully Completed Almost 60 Sessions

In September 2017, Everything DiSC® ICC(International Consultant Certification)were completed the 57th, 58th, and 59th session in Hong Kong, Taipei and Beijing respectively. Nearly 40 elites in HR/OD acquired the certification of DiSC® Certified Trainer, they have began the new journey of professional expertise.

1.	Everything DiSC session were completed 57 th, 58th and 59th session in Hongkong, Taiwan, Beijing respectively, The consultants were applying the knowledge regarding DiSC tool.

The 57th Session, D VS. S, No Worries

In this session in Hong Kong, the map of DiSC® style of the consultants was interesting, most of them were D and S. In common sense, their behavioral styles were so difficult to get along, both need to make effort to adapt. How they reacted?

2.	D style and S style were different to a large extent, there was a little difficult for them to adapt but in our class by applying the profile, they lowered the difficulty.

D style and S style learned to adapt with each other by facilitation and sharing feelings of the profile.

What’s more, do not overlook I style consultants, they were so active to make the vibe in this session.

3.	i style consultants to light up the vibe.

The 58th Session, different level consultants from leading companies, plus professional psychological consultant to study

This session, both managers and specialists as well as psychological consultant attended the session. All of them were studying, discussing, practicing and feed-backing with each other. All reaped a lot.

4.	Consultants in Taiwan were discussing

5.	Consultants in Taiwan showed the Everything DiSC shape

The 59th Session, Class without C style

The class were filled with i Style consultants, the vibe was high! If you don’t believe, see the map

6.	Class without C style in History.

Have you worried about the studying?

7.	i style consultants were discussing


8.	Everything DiSC Master Trainer were instructing for the consultants.

They were so hardworking. They were discussing with each other according to the schedule.

The upcoming session of Everything DiSC® ICC is 60th, A.PLUS is not only so professional but also is making the whole studying fun!
If you are interested in the session, welcome to contact our consultants, they will support you according to your needs.