1st Everything DiSC® 363 For Leaders Profile Facilitation in Mainland China

On Aug 22, One of DiSC® certified consultants accredited by A.PLUS and Wiley in Shanghai has facilitated Everything DiSC® 363 For Leaders Profile for an Indian manager in English. Everything DiSC® Master Trainer, A.PLUS China Head Emil Yuan were keeping the facilitator and the participant in company in case of any questions. The Facilitation was completed successfully.

1 Other than Self, the Whole Profile Were Rated by 4 Parties

1.	Everything DiSC 363 For Leaders consists of 5 parties to rate, self, peers, managers, direct reports and others.

Unlike other profiles that you may be familiar with as Everything DiSC® Workplace or Sales Profile, Everything DiSC® 363 For Leaders require five parties to rate, self, manager, peers, direct reports and others. Each party consists of unlimited raters. What’s more all the raters can rate anonymously. Therefore, the participant can acquire an objective result in terms of leadership.

2 The Participant Was Satisfied with the Assessment Result

2.	Everything DiSC 363 For Leaders provided the result, there was only a slight difference between self and others.

The Indian manager got the leadership result in 8 dimensions: pioneering, energizing, affirming, inclusive, humble, deliberate, resolute, commanding. There is a slight difference between the self-rating and ratings given by other raters. Thus, we could see that the assessment features with high reliability and validity.

3.	Everything DiSC 363 For Leaders has Comment Smart feature, so that the participant can acquire real but non-aggressive comments from others.

Besides, Everything DiSC® 363 For Leaders has Comment Smart, so that the participant could see vivid but non-aggressive comments from other raters.

3 A.PLUS Provided Essential Support

4.	The whole facilitation process was accompanied by Emil. A.PLUS China Head to support for the facilitator and participant.

Everything DiSC® Master Trainer Emil was with the facilitator and participant via the phone. If the facilitator could not answer questions posed by the participant, Emil supported the facilitator directly.

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