Service is A Noble Art——Attitudes Put Impact on Quality

Customers anticipates quality service, they expects to be treat well, to be understood and to be satisfied. They also hope to see the sweet smile from the service staff, at some key moments they hope the server help them to solve problems……Therefore,service is a noble art. Service is so crucial to retail industry, it determines the development and success of an enterprise.

In September and October 2017, A.PLUS has executed 10-day customized service training for a high-end retail shopping mall. The training is for two kinds of employees, front-line employees and managers. This article is for training of front-line employees.

The 1st session completion photo: trainees completed service training

The second session completion photo: trainees completed service training

Client Needs

The client is a top-notch shopping mall located in prime area in Beijing, dedicated to providing delicate and excellent service for customers to meet the expectations of joyful shopping experience from customers’ perspective. To realize the goal of excellent service and trust of customers, the client has arranged a series of training aimed at promoting service attitudes and skills. A.PLUS as a training solution provider, provided customized training with regard to service attitudes, rooted right service attitudes in the mind of front line employees and managers.

Front-line employees to take service training.

Highlights of Training

1. Understand Service Rules, Brand Personality and Values

As a top-level shopping mall, the service provided by employees for the customers should be in accordance with the service rules as well as brand personality. A.PLUS training consultant has explained the abstract brand values in vivid way to make the trainees understand the rules and brand personality.

Trainees practiced to understand the brand value and personality.

2. Learn the Core Module, Individual-Team-Customer

The core module for trainees is to let trainees be aware of three key factors in excellence service: individual, team and customer.

Individual: Knowing the power of positive attitude, adapt one’s own attitude
Team: By Highly Effectively Collaborating with Team Members. Provide Perfect Customer Experience
Customers: Put in customers’ shoes to solve customer problems and exceed customer expectations

Played Games to realize importance of teamwork.

3. Lively Cases to Facilitate Actions of Trainees

During the training, A,PLUS senior consultant illustrated famous brands service cases and cases from his own shopping experience, which ignited trainees desire to deliver high quality service. They also executed stimulation exercise to practice excellent service.

Cases and games to practice judge and satisfy customer needs.

Feedback from Trainees

The trainer illustrated clearly and I got inspired!

Fabulous training and illustration, thank you!

The training is great, the time is well-organized.