Self-Recognition Tool?The Up-to-Date DiSC® International Certification is Beneficial to Everyone

No matter in training or coaching, external or internal consulting, choose scientific assessment tool can improve self-recognition, knowing self and others to achieve results better. Therefore, it is essential for professionals to acquire DiSC® International Certification. In June. A.PLUS has completed three more certification in Hong Kong, Taipei and Shenzhen. More than 30 elites from all walks of life have become DiSC®International certified consultants.

1. Hong Kong, Elites Congregated, Professional Communication and Studying

In this session of certification, the consultants consisted of three professional coaches of International Coach Federation, chairman from a listed company, consultant of marriage and parenthood, marketing head.

The consultants of this class have boosted confidence for those who are wondering if the certification program suited them. As we serve professional human resources professionals, we also provide an opportunity for people from other fields to broaden their horizon and communicate with each other.

2. Taipei:Practicing and Applying are Important

In Taipei, consultants were focusing on practicing and interacting. Consultants deepened their understanding of DiSC in applying. They also learned the leadership model and other contents to understand the certification program better.

After certification, our Everything DiSC® Master Trainer Chrissie also let every consultant grasp the opportunity for practicing, that is to practice profile facilitation.

3. ShenZhen: Tool for Talent Development Course Design

In Shenzhen DiSC® certification program, some of the consultants intend to put DiSC in their own course of soft skills. Some are in-house HR, some are external consultants, also some are  coaching learners from Enrichment.

For self-recognition selection, Everything DiSC® is a simple and highly-effective tool, it’s user-friendly for organizations and it is with high reliability and validity. It enables your client to know oneself completely and improve interaction with others as well as maintain soft skills effectively.

All above are the review of DiSC® International Consultant Certification programs in June, if you are interested in the certification, please contact us, we will provide all-rounded service for you.