Permeating Coaching Culture, Stepping Towards the Goal of Business Growing

A.PLUS has executed two-day coaching culture program for a 100 middle and high level managers for a leading mass spectrometry company.
The program was co-facilitated by Mr. Lawson Chu, A.PLUS Executive Consulting& Managing Director, Mr. Wisdom Cheng, A.PLUS Coaching Partner. Mr. Fei Zou,
A.PLUS Consulting Director and Ms. Emil Yuan, A.PLUS Consulting and Business Director. The program was tend to let the middle and high level managers
working as coaches, maintaining coaching skills, directing and leading subordinates to finally achieve business growing goal.
The program won the recognition of participants including high level managers.

1. Client’s Need

The client aimed at business growing, therefore, they have established systematical corporate leadership standards.
As a MNC, it has already built global leadership standards. This time, they expected to root coaching culture in enterprise,
to let the managers become coaches for ordinary employees to achieve goals.

Before executing the team, the corporate has already adopted Everything DiSC behavioral style tool as common language for the whole organization.
Most of the participants have known one’s own behavioral style. Therefore, they have known DiSC behavioral theory, which lied the foundation for
permeating coaching culture.

Before the coaching program, the program manager also expressed their concerns:
1. How can all the participants experienced coaching culture?
2. How can all the participants committed to the execution and practice of coaching?

2. A.PLUS Solution

For the background and needs of the client, we have integrated all the elements in the designing of the program,
tailored the content and activities, achieving the goal to let all the participants participated.

In the Set of Facilitators:

First, due to the topic of coaching, we have invited A.PLUS coaching partner, Taiwan well-known coach Wisdom Cheng.
In the designing of program, he has provided solutions based on his rich practice in coaching.

Second, faced with so many participants, we have sent four facilitators and grouped the participants for abundant interaction.

In the Designing of the program:

First, we have made sure that all the participants know the value, goal and meaning of coaching,
that is having positive impact, cultivating growth mindset; improving employee performance and productivity, building highly-engaging work environment.

Second, let all the would-be coach know one’s own coaching style. We have adopted Everything DiSC® behavioral style.
Every coach know his/her own strengths and blind spots. They have known their similarities and differences with other for creating strategies and improving interaction
with others. During the program, we also adopted comparison report of Everything DiSC®, comparing with buddies in the program.

Third, build the three major coaching culture elements: trust, confidence and potential. By adopting abundant interaction activities and videos,
landing the concept into practice.

Fourth, participate in coaching coffee bar. Every participant have been appointed the role as coach, coachees and observer.
Everyone has experienced the practical coaching process. They also gained feedback from the buddies and improve.

From all the program, every participant has known the meaning of coaching, practiced coaching skill and applied what they have learnt in work to work hard
for the business increasing goal.

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