From New Manager to Senior Manager, What You Need is An Entire Manual From A.PLUS

To become a master in management, they process is just as game pass, you need to improve step by step to finally become a highly effective manager.

A.PLUS has tailored the game pass series training for a game company, that is Highly Effective Manager Training Camp. The company is focusing on the R&D, operation and IP industry. In completing the training, every participant is stepping towards highly effective managers.

For the three-day training camp, the participants built awareness of managers, developed management habits, learned management skills. At the end of the camp, the core team members participated workshop powered by The Five Behaviors of A Cohesive Team™.

1. Client’s Need

The client is from game industry, it has achieved success before. Now it is in the key strategic time, therefore, they hope all the high-level and middle-level managers to build awareness of management, execute management skills and increase management productivity. Plus, increase the cohesiveness of high-level managers to carve out new career collectively.

The challenges faced by some of the managers are as follows:

  • I need to improve communication skills, maintain proactive effective communication is challenging.
  • I don’t know how to let others work proactively
  • How to work reasonably, to ensure the ordinary cycle, improve the efficiency of team members.


2. A.PLUS Solutions

After undertaken the program, A.PLUS has investigated deeply, we collected all the difficulties and demands of participants. We have tailored 4-Day Highly Effective Mangers Training Camp. From Management Awareness and Style to Management Habits to Management Skills, which provide an opportunity for participants to learn management systematically. On the last day, all the core team members participated in workshop powered by The Five Behaviors of A Cohesive Team to increase cohesiveness.

1) First Day “No Awareness to Build Awareness”, Management Awareness and Management Style

As a manager, before learning management, one should not only just learn some management skills simply, one should build self recognition at first. In the first day training, the participants gained some perceptions:

  • “I have acquired clear knowledge of management, be responsible for goals, leverage resources, know people well and appoint them tasks.”
  • “Deeply know my behavior styles. Before I was sure about my blind spots but didn’t know how to improve, now I know how to adjust. Meanwhile, I know others behavior style, recap what happened in the past and know others standpoint.”
  • “By participating in the game, I know that if you aspire success, you need to collaborate, set up the process, make sure leaders and work hard towards one goal.”


2) Second Day, ”No Habit to Develop Habit”, Effective Manager

From the training, the participants have gained the basic habit for managers. After training, they reflected as follows:

  • “Setting clear goal, information must be synced to all the team members, ensure everyone knows and find the right path”
  • “First things first, always do things ranked as “important but not urgent”
  • “Know how to stick to the principle of “first things first”, by setting clear goals, make to-do lists well-organized, reduce incidents. Mange time and staff well, gain high ROI and win-win results.”

3) Third Day, “Intuition to Skills, Be A Four-Dimensional Manager”

In the third-day training, we let everyone know the practice of mangers and subordinates in workplace:

  • “According to different subordinates, and their behavior styles, I plan, appoint work and track afterwards differently. For example, SC member in my team, I will let this member explain in details when I appoint work, then provide enough support and clear timelines and track in a highly frequency.”
  • “To give feedback for colleagues, when someone is doing the wrong thing, I will correct to avoid deviating target. When someone is doing good, I should also provide feedback to boost employee’s confidence.”
  • “I have improved in following aspects: appointing work: in a more specific way, more measurable, increasing feedback time, specific target number, the completion status and so on; Motivation, more languages for motivating. Feedback, more frequent, more specific, more open for interaction.

4) Fourth Day, Workshop Powered by The Five Behaviors of A Cohesive Team™

  • “This training was inspiring, I have more in-depth understanding of the team members, it was helpful for collaboration. The viewpoint and skills for management also guided the daily work.”
  • “The workshop is inspiring, it has bridged the gap between every members. It is helpful for collaboration. “
  • “The workshop enabled me to open my heart, for the next half year, I also want to take training facilitated by Mr. Zou. The minute details in the workshop has brought big wisdom, which led to deep reflection, I have become huge fun of Mr. Zou.

3. The Entire Feedback After The Training Camp

We have selected some of the feedback for your reference:

“ Filled with positive energy, I realized that many problems can be solved, I just could not find the right path. After the training, I thought the framework is much more clear, many problems can be solved automatically. “

“The biggest reflection is that my personal awareness has been built. From not understanding to understand deeply, positively affirm my self, remind myself that think consciously rather than subconsciously. “

“The enormous impact: change in awareness, from not knowing myself to knowing my self, the largest change: adjust myself, become positive, be proactive to others.”

“Understand personal behaviors from facts, remind myself for accepting people who behave differently, deal with people in unusual style; understand goal-driven, and understand people have different mission and goal in team, helpful for fulfilling the role.”

“From first training I found blind spots according to DiSC, From second training, my awareness of habits and goals has been strengthened. “