Everything DiSC, Enabling You to Know More about Colleagues in Team to Achieve Highly Effective Collaboration

A.PLUS has executed Everything DiSC® Workplace Facilitation for a financial team in a large scale state-owned enterprise in June 2018. The facilitation lasted for 0.5 day, which provided an opportunity for participants to know one’s own behavior style, know others style, the entire team style and how to work with others highly effectively.

1. Client’s Need

The Client is a large scaled stateowned enterprise, the business is widely spread, so the team members not only work in one city. The client hoped to avail the opportunity of meeting to let every member in the financial team to know each other for future collaboration.

2. A.PLUS Solution

After Knowing the client’s need, A.PLUS has tailored 0.5 day Everything DiSC® Workplace Profile Facilitation. Everything DiSC® Master Trainer has imparted knowledge of Everything DiSC® behavior style knowledge, let every participant know the strengths and blind spots of D, i,S and C style. Everyone has known themselves deeply and accepted their own behavior style. Meanwhile, they also learned to understand others, made strategies for working with others.

What is the trait of this team?

Financial work requires accuracy, so most of the team members are C style. Besides, two of the team members are i style with accuracy extra. Therefore , according to situation requirement, people can adjust one’s behavior.

If you intend to let team members to know each other, Everything DiSC® is your optimal choice.