Empower Strategic Team Powered by The Five Behavior of A Cohesive Team™ Workshop

How can the strategic team members become closer with each other? They need in-depth trust. A.PLUS has executed a two-day workshop powered by “The Five Behaviors of A Cohesive Team™” for a parking capital management industry leading company. The workshop enabled the participants to build trust and increase understanding by establishing trust and mastering conflict.

1. Client’s Need

The client is a leading company, it has developed rapidly in recent years. The talents of the company also own diverse background. The core team consists of two teams, the inner team and the outside team. How can all the team members synergize with each other and accept their differences, which plays vital role to the development of the organization.

2. A.PLUS Solution

Faced with the diverse background of the high-level managers of the company, our consultants have built trust with the client before the program. We have gained whole perception of the team and challenges they would encounter. We designed the workshop powered by “The Five Behavior of A Cohesive Team™”.

At the beginning of the program, every participant has completed Everything DiSC® Workplace profile. By learning behavioral style, they have known their strengths and blind spots, knowing how to get along with people with D, i, S, C style.

After Everything DiSC® behavioral style knowledge, we have explained the specific meaning of the “Five Behavioral of A Cohesive Team™”, namely building trust, mastering conflict, committing to decisions and achieving results.

The workshop has acquired detailed output, including: trust behavior, what should the team and individual to do. Besides, regarding conference, what behaviors can be accepted and not accepted.

During the workshop, the team had lunch and dinner with each other. Everyone were communicating happily. They chatted and understood each other better, which was beneficial to the cohesion of the team.

3. Feedback from the Client

The teacher is quite professional, we have achieved the goal of the workshop, and we need further review.

The workshop provide us with learning tool, we can trust each other based on vulnerabilities, increase cohesion of the team, let us know how to leverage conflict, master conflict and commit to each other and finally achieve better results.

The mainly gains are in three aspects:1. Self-recognition has been improved, found my own blind spots.2. I know how to work and collaborate with colleagues and leaders.3.I know how to be more proactive in the team.