Cultivate Growth Mindset, Build Cohesive Team, Make the Enterprise Competing in the Market

It is time to summarize work of the first half year in July. In the middle of July, a largely scaled Internet Financial enterprise invited A.PLUS to execute one-day training in the summary conference to empower everyone and the team.

1. Client’s Need

The client is a lifestyle provider, the competitiveness has been increasing among the key players. Faced with the change outside, the client expected the team to be more pioneering, the whole team should face the problems directly, find solutions to achieve the performance target.

2. A.PLUS Solution

After knowing the client’s need, our A.PLUS consultant designed one-day solution. The training consisted of mindset and The Five Behaviors of A Cohesive Team™, let all the participants to reflect, summarize and write down action plan.

1)  Mindset

First, we let the participants to know the importance of adjusting mindset, to shift the focus from the anxiety outside to oneself, help people to build confidence, to cultivate growth mindset.

2)  The Five Behavior of A Cohesive Team™

By adopting the Five Behavior of A Cohesive Team™, we help participants to “build trust, master conflict, commit to each other, hold one another accountable and focus on results.” for improving the effectiveness of the team. The training helped participants to build a cohesive team, reach agreement of vision and goals, know the values and strengths of team, note the items to be solved and action plans.

The training has boosted the confidence of the team, view and solve the problems with proactive mind, and reinforced the cohesion of the team.

3. Feedback from the Clients

The entire training is insightful, I learn different perspective to view the world. Find reasons from circle of attention and act from the circle of impact, become proactive in mindset, thinking and dealing problems.

This is the time that I have elevated my cognition and mind, especially for the growth mindset.
I have learned a lot, which can be applied to work, the teacher made the whole vibe more interacting by using videos and games.