Create Synergy through a Corporate Tailor-made Consulting Solution

A consultancy project for a science-led biopharmaceutical global firm was accomplished successfully in the end of 2017; A.PLUS was invited to tailor-made a total solution for the company, to reach the business strategy on Management, Sale and Staff Engagement topics, after got a positive result of leadership training for the top management previously.  A series of training modules were delivered by the respective professional expertise in-field facilitators in A.PLUS Group with the optimize timeline with the respectively team members in company.


After few months immerse among the company, the A-A-A DiSC Specific Model has been provided individuals with a common language and set of tools to communicate, sale and managing more effectively.  Participants explored some practical ways to approach others who may act differently in certain circumstances.  Colleagues were also got recharged with positive energy because they individually identify their controllable energy-consuming psychosocial factors inside-out.


By bridging the communication gap through AAA-DiSC common language, individuals and teams are continuously able to reduce potential conflict, increase performance, and deliver greater results.  Both the sale team, office team and managers are also the winners.  We are happy to witness the better employee experiences and improving well-being in staff floor were seen in this caring & visionary company.