Corporate Training

Corporate Training


Corporate training can help build effective and productive workforce. Leaders need both management development and individual effectiveness program to develop the competencies and behavior needed.


Leadership & Management

  • Impactful & Exemplary Leader

Know your Everything DiSC management style and priorities inside-out through the latest professional psychological tool


Understand how your team score on the key components of the team and members’ own personality style contribute to the team’s overall success


Apply and Experience The 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership® through video cases, workbook exercises, group problem-solving tasks, lectures and outdoor action learning


Review the management style with professional 24 leader practices framework and individual management behavior


Quickly and accurately grasp the subordinate features and preferences; Targeted counselling and assistance under the fast-growing environment


Solid tips to recognize other people’s Everything DiSC style® and understand how you react to the different styles;

Strategies & applications to increase effectiveness with different Everything DiSC style® in 4 practical management dimensions


Individual Effectiveness

Understand yourself inside-out through the latest professional psychological tool with solid tips be aware and adapt the Sale Strengths & Challenges while doing the sales interaction with every individual


how to use powerful tools and techniques to turn every speech or presentation from an agonizing experience into a rewarding one.


Basic understanding of your behavior styles lay a foundation for understanding the strategies and behavior to produce satisfaction and effective result with behaviorally flexible


A five-step model of enhancing resiliency through emotion and stress management


Individuals Everything DiSC style and priorities that their strengths and blind spots in Thinking Process; understand the essence and the importance of both critical thinking and creative thinking in nowadays business context