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The sales-oriented courses emerge in an endless stream in the market. Most of them are one-way teaching module courses. Therefore, can students really reflect on themselves and put into practice after class always have been questioned?

A.PLUS was invited by a financial and insurance company in mid-January to host the two sessions of two-day series of advanced sales and customer relations class for the sales team with the focus on starting out on its own, first recognizing the unique advantages of self-selling style and Blind spots, with the students have the first sales experience / customer mentality of knowledge as a heritage, so that each participant in the course has a more personalized reflection. The feedback we received mainly in the following three points:


I. Courses can help to understand and reflect myself, providing opportunities and tools for us to deeply identify the advantages and blind spots of our sales style

2. Understand different customers have different internal style and motivation to buy, so in the future can have a tool and efficient contact with customers and interaction

3. Personalize sales strategy so that I can understand and adapt individual customers’ language and values to build trust and positive relationship, so as to achieve more efficient sales results


Most of the participants’ feedback they got an extra reward as they are able to develop an individual sales CRM data-base with client’s buying style unlimitedly without extra cost which help for long-term relationship building in an efficiency way, which is very practical and highly applicable in daily sale.