A.PLUS Has Completed 2 Sessions of DiSC® ICC Program in Nov 2017, Great Service Has Been Recognized By Clients

In Nov, 2017,  two Sessions of DiSC® ICC Program has rounded off in Beijing and Macau. The two sessions provided quality service which was highly recognized by consultants. In Beijing, we have honorably invited a special guest from Wiley to audit our ICC course. In Macau, we selected a high-end hotel with breathtaking view. These two sessions of DiSC® ICC program has shown our professional and qualified service.

1. The 61th DiSC® ICC Session- DiSC® C Style in Dominance, Professionalism Rules

In this session, most of the consultants were quite conscientious. They posed all the questions that they don’t quite understand and discussed with Master Trainers. As they were going to train others with Everything DiSC® psychological tools. They were preparing adequately in case of any questions from the audiences.

This class, we also had guest from Wiley. As one of the top diamond award winners, A.PLUS has enjoyed a great reputation within industry. Since this special guest from Wiley audited on site, they intended to know exactly how trainers would adopt Everything DiSC® and The Five Behavior of A Cohesive Solutions in workplace.

2. The 62th Session in Macau-Work Hard and Be Creative

This time, we studied in mind-blowing hotel to let consultants relax after the course.

In DiSC® ICC program, the consultants were not only concentrate in class, they also reviewed after class. See, they were studying in group in their own room.

In this session, one of the consultants has created a picture after class. The picture has indicated by using Everything DiSC® Tool, we should know oneself and others, and we also need to adjust according to situation. Only in this way can we live happily and freely in life and work.